Friday, May 6, 2011

Choice (values)

Life is lived by a certain basic set of values that makes life better to live. Living life by a basic set of values makes life fulfilling, happy, and successful. Values can be defined as broad preferences concerning appropriate courses of action or outcomes. As such, values reflect a person’s sense of right and wrong or what “ought” to be. “Equal rights for all” and “People should be treated with respect and dignity” are representative of values. Values tend to influence attitudes and behavior. Life values starts with respect for all people in life. Respect is a good value to h life. Honesty is an important attribute because it is one of the ways that people judge me. To live life with these two basic values are how people learn to care and respect the value of all people.

Treating other people as I want to be treated is another basic value. Life must be lived by a set of basic human values in life today. Living life with respect and value sets is another basic value. Life comes with value to be treated as a person. Respecting the basic rights of all people to live as they choose is a common basic human value to live by.

Respecting people can bring me a long way just by treating people how I like to be treated. The way I shows respect varies, but its essence is the display of regard for the worth of people, including myself. I have no ethical duty to hold all people in high esteem or admire them, but I feel like I am morally obligated to treat everyone with respect, regardless of who they are and what they have done. I have a responsibility to be the best I can be in all situations, even when dealing with rude people.

Honesty is important so that people will believe what I say. If I am known to be honest about all things, then, when I tell someone something they are more apt to believe I. Being known as an honest person is one of the highest honors I can achieve in my life time.  If I cannot be considered as being honest I won’t have good friends.

Honesty leads to trust and credibility. Indeed, one cannot trust another deeply without believing that the interaction between them will be carried on at a high level of honesty. Honest behavior also enhances reputation. However, just as the difference between true and false cannot be blurred by circumstances, honesty should not be chosen according to circumstance.

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